Life is very unfair ….


I have heard this term from many hurting people including myself.  That is life.
Somebody else will tell you, “Hivo ndivo kunaendanga ”
To mean that’s the way things turn out.
But authentically speaking, is there truth in the statement above?
Bill Gates once said, “Life is unfair – but you have to learn to live with it.
This summarizes my search for the truth in today’s tittle.
The main point I’m trying to drive home here is that it is true life is unfair. At one time,we have all been denied what we deserved. At the same time, we have received what we didn’t deserve at one time in our lives .
Whether from theft or miraculously from God, we’ve all encountered some ” un merited favor.”
At the same time, we have all encountered an un deserved loss.
All in all one thing turns out clearly here – that no matter how cruel and unfair life can be, it will always balance. Basically, life is just like an equation ….it must balance out.


Living Perfection


I have read through biographies and autobiographies of great influencers and one thing emerges in all of their stories – that this people started writing their stories right from the day they were born. The way these people lived their lives was the writing in itself.
Take for example the story of David in the book of 1Samuel in the Bible. Considered the least among the children of Jesse, David was frequently under criticism from his elder brothers.
Everyone considered him unworthy and good for nothing. In the eyes of people, he was only fit for shepherding sheep.
Deep within David’s conscience, he considered himself a prince, the son of a king and a mighty warrior.
As his brothers chickened out from Goliath in the war field, David was busy protecting his herd of sheep from attack by lions. He was busy frustrating lions by snatching them the juicy sheep catch and going further to humiliatingly tear their mouths apart. This was crucial training that no man could manage. David managed it without much ado.
By the time he was send by his father Jesse to go and look after his brothers in the battlefield, he was already a qualified warrior. He was already a victor, a king with a spectacular gifting that only needed to be exposed to the whole world and automatically hit the headlines.
With this in mind, I made one conclusion – that the only way to make history is to start writing it now . The way we live our lives should be the writing in itself.
It is a major human call to purpose living excellence and nothing else.

The Meaning of Life

image I’m one of those anxious kids who started disturbing my parents with hard phylosophical questions like “What is the meaning of life? ”
“Why should I live? ”
“How should I live? “…and many other joint-wrecking questions.
Until recently when I came to learn that these were really deep and important life questions that every human being should know to start living, otherwise, they’re just existing. 
Having a big appetite in reading phylosophical books, I have frequently come across the common phrase that- Life is useless- a chasing after the wind
from philosophers like Solomon, Leo Tolstoy, Schopenhauer, Buddha and many others. Darwin comes in with the evolution theory – which again defaces purpose from the human life.
I turned to the Holy books just like Tolstoy did when he was in a dilemma about this mystery of life and in there, I believe I found the meaning and purpose of life.
I can now courageously classify life into Change, Chances and choices. In one statement, life is all about making a choice to take chances available to bring about a change.
The change I’m taking about here is either a positive change or a negative change. Reflecting on this universal truth, I was able to see sense in life .I could link all my troubles and joyful moments to the choices I had made.
This is why the human mind has the ” What if section” after making a decision and failing, One blames their conscience, “What if I hadn’t lied? ” After being caught cheating in an exam or a relationship .
Despite knowing this, I realized that there are opposing forces present to influence our choices, however, all the power still lay in our hands.
These forces are the force of darkness and the forces of the light.
The force of darkness influences us to care little about our creator and our neighbors.Answers like, ” I don’t give a f*ck
are directly influenced by the dark force.
On the other hand, the force of light teaches us about universal brotherly love and the love of God. It reiterates that the love of God is the beginning of wisdom.
These two forces are present and clearly visible in our lives. It is our decision to choose which force we want to follow.
The Easiest Way
I came to note another thing- that despite people knowing this truth, many still followed the dark force. They found it difficult to give a f*ck as a result of selfishness. They still argued that the rules of the force of light were hard and boring to abide by. Instead, they insisted that they wanted to enjoy their lives without disturbance. Many hashtaged #YOLO to justify their stinky selfish motives.
Many questions kept coming,
“Do we only live once? ”
If the answer to the question above was going to be yes, then I was going to make a final conclusion that life had no meaning. After that, I was going to stop giving a f*ck and start living like the majority.
I thought harder through the term #YOLO and concluded that it was a lie from the dark force. This conclusion came after studying the holy books and getting an assurance of life after death in a place called Heaven for those who believed in God and punishment in a place called hell for those who followed the dark force when the world ends.
This revelation brought something new to my findings- that- without faith, life is meaningless.
Heaven brought meaning to life. Believing that there is a creator who loves us and yearns to live with us and wants us to defeat the power of darkness brings meaning to life.
I made a conclusion that,
Life – Faith = Meaningless
Do We Just Sit There?
Well then, after knowing that there is Heaven, Do I sit there and do nothing waiting to go there? The answer is no.
As a believer, I have to aim for success. My obligation as I live is to make as many as possible to know the truth and to spread God’s love to all. As others say “Whatever comes my way I’ll take it, ” I should be saying “Whatever it takes,I’ll succeed.”
This rested my case. I got an answer that is not nullified by death. I got an answer that will never change. An answer that improved my choices and increased my chances of success.
You can read more from my new book The 12 Streets of Wisdom

The Calling of Life


To me life is basically a calling. Every human being exists by the will of God for a specific purpose, at a specific time and a specific place.
Unfortunately, majority of us are brought up without any clue of this nude reality.
Born and brought up in Kenya I can bear witness that our teen years are basically filled with cramming unnecessary ideas rather than undergoing the vital process of self discovery.
By the time one finishes the stinking 8-4-4 system, they’re basically more confused than a five year old teen.
Jack of all trades
Right from class one we are introduced to the sciences, the mathematics, agriculture,woodwork,Metalwork…the list is eternal. By the time one finishes their form four, they have gained enough experience in these fields to the extend that they are confused which side to go.
After this, what follows is a major exam where all kids and teenagers from either less fortunate and fortunate families are paraded like monkeys for a major exam, as if all of them are made up of the same genes and abilities.
But it opens the African thick mind…
Many monkey brained people will join a hand in supporting this useless analogy. The truth is, they have never given talent a second thought.
So is talent powerful
You’ll hear many say, ” I don’t know my passion …”
Son… daughter…this is true because you were never given an opportunity of discovering it. All you were taught is differentiating and intergrating useless equations when God created you to be a musician; to be a footballer; to be a life coach ; to be a pastor and so on.
The Results
The result of this confused and baseless upbringing has been the manufacturing of graduates who are half baked, corrupt and poorly adapted to life.
After graduation, the less fortunate – who form the vast majority start a new job of looking for a decent job.
The fortunate ones spend their late twenties up-to retirement tolerating the jobs they’re offered.To them,each day is a breath of fire and brimstone from hell – where their bosses are the chief ushers. The government is apparently the “lucipher seated on the throne” in that hell.
You’ll hear many complain of Monday blues…job sicknesses ….the list is endless.
Unless we change
Change can only begin with you. It is a reality that we are stuck in the mud. The question remains, ” What have you done about it? ”
Are you still stuck in that university chair hoping to be employed instead of creating employment after your graduation? Are you still confused about your calling?
Wake Up
It’s time to get out of bed and show the world that we can do it. We are to adhere to the 8-4-4 because it is lawful but at the same time we need to discover ourselves. We need to come up with creative ideas in our different areas of calling in order to create jobs rather that seek for jobs.
Meanwhile, the government needs to wake up and consider this genuine plea. It is the government’s responsibility to promote and sponsor the creative ideas of the youth.
We should remember that the youth form the hinges on which the tomorrow of Africa and the whole world hangs on.
Final Word
Many nations in Africa have gained Political independence but unfortunately we’re still economically and technologically colonized. Our economic and technological independence will only manifest when we open our eyes and start promoting our own natural and human resources.

7 Components of success

image When is comes to success and achievement, many people get it completely wrong. The vast majority who occupy a greater portion of the pie pupport that success is characterized by owning huge chunks of money in a first world country bank . Others think success is having a family, a good house, a car and a well paying job to catch up on the bills.
The truth is, all these people are absolutely wrong.
Well then, what is success?
Success is simply having a creative mind which is strong enough to push through the challenges of life.A strong mind is able to create anything.
Today I feature some of the steps you can take to start making sure steps towards success.
1. Get Knowledge
The only known way of paralyzing ignorance is getting knowledge. Ignorance can get very expensive.
On many occassions,I have heard the leading world billionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates confess openly that the most powerful weapon to success is to get knowledge.
Knowledge gives you an upper hand because you learn from those who did it before you. With knowledge you’ll get to avoid gross mistakes made by your predicessors and therefore steer yourself faster towards your goals.
Make a point of reading 15-25 pages of non fiction every day. Soon, you’ll reap the benefits.
2. Vision and Meditation
True leadership is driven by a vision and the ability to meditate as you lead people to achieve that vision.
Make a list of the things you’re passionate about and meditate on them. You’ll reach success faster by doing what you love most.
Make a Plan
A vision without proper planning is as good as having no vision. You’ve heard many people sing that “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”This is as true as it may sound. A vision only becomes feasible with a well laid out plan.
4. Wake up early
After laying out your plan, manage your time well. Every goal requires time to be achieved. Start your day early to dedicate as many hours as possible towards your goal. Remember the early bird catches the worm.
Avoid being a late night owl and soon you’ll realize rising levels of productivity in your life.
5. Invest in your health
Remember that your health is the first investment. Only a healthy body is able to produce.
Start out your day by pumping your heart active.
Do a few press ups to clear the clog in your brain and your blood vessels. A healthy body and mind is able to produce more.
Secondly, ensure you keep your diet under check. Eat well, take lots of water and excercise more.
6. Consistency
Success is a Marathon, not a sprint. You have to sacrifice until you feel desperate. Immature minds will wear out as a result of destitution. Strong minds will stand out and trudge on despite the challenges.
Remember that you are bound to face challenges; you are bound to fall; you are bound to face discouragement from the crows we talked about earlier. The most important thing is to pick up yourself, dust yourself and keep moving. A challenge confronted head on becomes a strength. On the other hand, a challenge evaded remains your personal weakness forever. Challenges fear being faced but they love being feared.Fear a challenge and it becomes your ally.
7.Be accountable to God
You did not create yourself. Remember you are only God’s steward.
In success or failure, report back all the results to he who owns you.

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Nice time.

The mundane Human call

Today I am greatly inspired and motivated by the life lessons set by the legendary Ali Mazrui. Although asleep at a considerably ripe age, I have a feeling that he could have stayed a little bit longer.
Sincerely speaking, I have never met this hero face to face – but I would have really desired to spend even a second with him. However, being at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology – the Kenyan University where Professor Mazrui was a vice chancellor, I was forced to dig deep into his life history and scoop out some lucrative lessons of life from this great man.
Though well connected and strongly established at the pique of the academic ladder, professor Mazrui was down to earth with humility. This drives a strong message with a capital call for all humanity to stay humbled despite the high altitude of their achievements.
In addition to humility, this great hero showed universal brotherly love. I remember during an interview concerning the involvement of the united states in the political matters of Kenya and the question about the Kenyan cases at the ICC. His answers were factual and non judgemental.
This was clearly a Kenyan citizen as well as a universal citizen.
Clearly, this was a man down to earth in a bid to unite all humanity.
I cannot summarize what the world can copy and implement from the exemplary life of this great academician but in three statements I can say that Professor Mazrui taught us To belong to religions but to love everybody from other religions. To belong to tribes but to respect people from other tribes and To belong to a nation but to serve people from all nationalities.